Our Services

Equipment & Machinery Appraisal

We offer On-Site, Desktop, Virtual, and Hybrid Equipment Appraisals. Call us to see what fits your needs.

Collateral Verification / Audits

We are able to verify assets anywhere in the USA. Any equipment type, fleet, or need. 

Expert Witness

We are experienced in all levels of courtroom and have passed the Daubert Challenge each time. Let our experience help You.

Financial / Lending Reports

Our reports are exactly what You need for all lending. We are approved by the SBA, USDA, and all banks who have used us.

Taxes, Audits, Bankruptcy

Our reports are used / accepted by the IRS, State Level Services, Auditors, and Bankruptcy Courts.

Estate / Probate / Succession

Our reports are usable with any Estate or Probate need. And our Appraisers are very familiar with Succession / Trust report uses.

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