Our Mission is Clear

You are focused on achieving the Financing, the Sale, the Legal Battle, etc… We understand our role as a step in the process!  

We are focused on helping You achieve the Next Step by providing a quick, world-class report. 

Our Appraisers are focused on giving helpful and friendly advice every step of the process. And, should the need arise, we are trained and capable of performing expert witness services in every level of courtroom.

For Vendor Packets / Financial Overview / or any other request please contact nathanb@NextStepEquipmentAppraisal.com

Advice on comprehensive equipment, machinery, and asset appraisal solutions. Provided by a top industry expert team.

Nathan & Amanda Bazzle

Managing Partners
Master Certified Equipment Appraisers
Certified Senior Business Analysts
Business Alchemists'
As adventure enthusiasts and machine geeks our favorite thing to do is travel to new business' and provide a solid appraisal service while our customers "Show Off" their processes and machines...
Nathan & Amanda pair up to bring the most to your Equipment Appraisal or Asset Management Needs. We have found that having two minds looking at the situation is better than one, this is most evident in on-site appraisals, research, and report review. Our team is focused on bringing you the best report available.
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