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  • Your Onsite Appraisal will be completed quickly.
  • Your Onsite Appraiser will be friendly and helpful. 
  • Your Appraisal will be completed by a master level appraiser.
  • Onsite Appraisals are available Nationwide and have an average turn around time of 3-5 days once Data is Collected.

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Onsite Equipment & Machinery Appraisal

If an Onsite equipment appraisal is required to get to the Next Step, it can be challenging to find an Appraiser that is both knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. That’s where our Onsite Local Equipment Appraisal service comes in. You will have a master certified appraiser come to your location(s) and provide you with an accurate data collection and appraisal of your equipment.


One of the key benefits of our Onsite data collection is we can see how your equipment is being used, how it is being maintained, and how it fits into your overall operations. This information can be critical in determining the true value of your equipment, as it takes into account the unique factors that may impact its worth.


Our Onsite service is also convenient, we travel to your equipment locations. After 700+ Equipment Appraisals we are not surprised by anything. We have been 2 miles back in flooded underground mines, nuclear power plants, offshore oil rigs, mountain top resorts, gold mines, and many many machine shops. We jokingly say “We have appraised everything from A to Z (Airplanes to Zebra’s)”. 


We understand that your time is valuable, and we strive to provide a hassle-free service that minimizes disruptions to your operations.


When it comes to equipment appraisal, accuracy, simplicity, and convenience are key. Trust our team of certified appraisers to provide you with a reliable Onsite Local Equipment Appraisal that you can count on. 


Contact us today to schedule your Onsite appraisal and take the Next Step towards valuing your equipment.

You Need the Best Advice

There are many reasons for an Equipment Appraisal and each has it’s own special needs depending on what side of the appraisal report you are on. We are here to guide you through the process and get you the best results available.

See a condensed list of the 700+ Business’ we have worked with below.

Our Services

Equipment & Machinery Appraisal

We offer On-Site, Desktop, Virtual, and Hybrid Equipment Appraisals. Call us to see what fits your needs.

Collateral Verification / Audits

We are able to verify assets anywhere in the USA. Any equipment type, fleet, or need. 

Expert Witness

We are experienced in all levels of courtroom and have passed the Daubert Challenge each time. Let our experience help You.

Financial / Lending Reports

Our reports are exactly what You need for all lending. We are approved by the SBA, USDA, and all banks who have used us.

Taxes, Audits, Bankruptcy

Our reports are used / accepted by the IRS, State Level Services, Auditors, and Bankruptcy Courts.

Estate / Probate / Succession

Our reports are usable with any Estate or Probate need. And our Appraisers are very familiar with Succession / Trust report uses.

Equipment / Machinery Appraisal Experience

These are the most common reasons an Equipment & Machinery / Asset Appraisal may be required:

Loans, Financing, Buy / Sell agreements, M&A, Leases, Insurable Value, Taxes, IRS, Estate, Gift Estate Planning, Trusts, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Divorce,  Litigation, Partnership Dissolution,  Retirement / Succession Planning, 1031 Exchanges, Sarbanes Oxley, FASB 141 / 142 / GASB 34.

Industries we have Appraised

Due to confidentiality we cannot share an exact client list – instead here is a list of many Industries we have performed Equipment Appraisals for…

Agriculture Equipment
Aircraft & Peripheral Equipment
Airport Support Equipment
Asphalt / Concrete Equipment
AstroTurf Manufacturing
Astroturf Installation
Auto Body / Repair
Auto Dealerships
Auto Manufacturing Equipment
Auto Parts Stores
Building Product Supplies
Boats & Peripheral Equipment
Boilers & Peripheral Equipment
Cabinet Manufacturing
Call Centers
Carpet Manufacturing
Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Catalog & Mail Order Houses
Chemical Manufacturers
Chemical Distributors
Chemical Transportation
Chiropractor, Spa, Therapy
Cleaning, Janitorial, Maid
Communications Towers
Computers & Peripheral Equipment
Construction Companies
Convenience Stores
Country Clubs
Dairy Farms
Data Centers / Server Farms
Demolition Companies
Dental & Orthodontic Practices
Distribution Companies
Doctor’s Offices
Dry Cleaners / Laundry
Electrical Contracting Services
Electronics Manufacturing
Engines & Turbines
Ethanol Plants
Exercise Gyms
Fabrication Equipment
Fast Food Restaurants
Farm Equipment / Storage
Firearms Manufacturing
Firearms & Peripheral Equipment
Fire / Flood Restoration Services
Fleet Maintenance Services
Food Processing Plants
Forestry Equipment
Furniture Manufacturing
Gasoline & Fuel C-Store
Generators – Large Scale
Gold Mines
Golf Courses & Country Clubs
Grocery Stores
Gym, Workout, Training
Hardware Stores
Heavy Equipment – Agriculture
Heavy Equipment - Commercial
Hospitals, Clinics, Surgery Centers
Hotel, Motel & Lodging
High Wall Mining Equipment
HVAC Machinery
HVAC Service Equipment
Industrial Plant & Machinery
International Companies
Landscaper & Lawn Equipment
Lumber Yards
Machine Shops
Manufacturing Companies
Medical Clinics
Microchip Manufacturing
Millwork Shops
Mining – Above Ground
Mining – Below Ground
Moving and Storage Companies
Motorcycle & Off-road
Natural Gas Drilling Rigs
Natural Gas Equipment
Office Equipment
Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs / Pumping
Oil & Gas Field Equipment
Oil & Gas Production / Storage
Oil & Gas Service Equipment
Paper / Cardboard Industries
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Photography Equipment
Plastic Manufacturing Equipment
Plumbing Contracting Services
Printing Trades Machinery
Quarry / Sand Pit Equipment
Radio, TV, Broadcasting Equipment
Recreational Vehicles
Recycling / Waste Centers
Refuse Hauling Companies
Restaurant / Catering Equipment
Restaurant Franchises
Retail Stores / National Chains
Rodeo Stadiums
Solar Panel Manufacturing
Solar Panel Array / Fields
Sound, Stage & Lighting Equipment
Textile Production Machinery
Transportation, Trucking & Logistics
Veterinary Clinics / Supplies
Waste Removal / Recycling
Water Restoration Equipment
Welding / Repair Shops
Wind Machinery & Equipment
Woodworking Equipment
Managing Partners
Master Certified Equipment Appraisers
Certified Senior Business Analysts
Business Alchemists'

Nathan & Amanda Bazzle

Nathan & Amanda pair up to bring the most to your Equipment Appraisal or Asset Management Needs. We have found that having two minds looking at the situation is better than one, this is most evident in on-site appraisals, research, and report review. Our team is focused on bringing you the best report available.  

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